The easy way to find and fix leaks

As a Holdem Manager 3 (HM3) user, you have made a commitment to becoming a better poker player. But it’s hard to know where to focus your efforts.

Until now.

Leak Explorer finds leaks by comparing your stats to the stats of winning opponents.

Finding and Ranking Leaks

Leak Explorer ranks over 400 stats by how much your stat values differ from the top winning players in your database.

Leaks are categorized and sorted by leak size

Leaks are grouped by stat category and sorted by leak size. The number in parentheses is the size of the leak.

The leak size considers 3 factors.

  • The difference between your stat value and the mean stat value of the winning opponents
  • The difference between your win rate and the mean win rate of the winning opponents
  • The number of times you had the opportunity to act on the stat

So the bigger the differences in stat value and win rate, and the more opportunities, the bigger the leak.

Exploring a Leak

Selecting a leak shows you exactly how your play differs from the top winning players.

Leak summary

This example shows:

  • The blue line represents the hero’s stat value
  • The green line is the mean of the winning player’s stat values
  • The green dots are the winning players
  • The green rectangles show 1 and 2 standard deviations from the mean

In this example, the hero should consider defending against 1 limper more often. But which hands should he consider folding?

Leak Explorer’s hole cards view shows a side-by-side comparison of the hero’s hole cards on the left and the winning player’s hole cards on the right.

Comparing hole cards

Select “Show differences” to see the differences between the two hand ranges.

The blue hands are hands that the hero plays more often than winning opponents. The green hands are hands that the hero plays less often than winning opponents. Here, the hero should consider calling more often with mid-range hands.

But that’s not all.

Track your progress

Leak Explorer tracks your progress over time so you can see how much you are improving.

Track hero’s stat value over time

Are you playing too long?

Do you play your best even over long sessions? Leak Explorer can show you.

Track hero’s stat value by minutes played

Or do you get tired when playing late at night.

Track hero’s stat value by time of day

Drill down by position

Leak Explorer breaks down your stats by position when positions are available.

Positional breakdown

You can select any positional stat to get the Overview, Hole Cards, and More Charts views for the position.

Find your biggest preflop leak for free now

Select “Enable Leak Explorer” on the HM3 Apps menu and Leak Explorer will show you your biggest preflop leak for free.

Enable Leak Explorer

Leak Explorer Small Stakes is just $25 per year. Leak Explorer All Stakes is $39 per year. Fixing just one leak is easily worth a year’s subscription.

Click here to purchase a Leak Explorer license.