Hole Cards View

The hole cards view displays hand range information for each view filter.

Hole cards view

Note: All hand ranges are based on hole cards that were shown.

View Headers

The view headers show general information about each view, including

  • The name of the view
  • The stat filter
  • The currently selected stat and its value
  • The number of shown down hole cards
View headers

Hands Grid

The hands grid shows estimated hand ranges for each view.

Hands grid

By default, a weighted hand range is displayed. A 100% hand means that hand is always in the hand range. A 75% hand means the hand is played 75% of the time. The hands grid can optionally show other values, which is described later.

Estimated hand ranges are based only on hands that reached show down, since for opponents that is all the information we have.

Hand Range Text String

The hand range text string displays the view’s hand range in Flopzilla text format.

Hand range text string

Click on the copy button to the right of the string to copy the text to the clipboard.

Stat Action

By default, the hand range is displayed for VPIP. You can select a different action using the Action combo box located above the view headers.

Action combo box

The browse button to the right of the action combo box opens the Stats Selector so you can choose other stat actions.

Select stat button

Click the Apply button to update the hand range grids.

Position Filters

The positions filter sets the preflop positions included in the hand range. By default, all positions are included.

Position filters

Show Options

The “Show” combo box provides other display options.

Show options

Available options include

  • Weighted hand range – Each hand is weighted by the probability of it being played
  • Hand range – The hand range where each hand is either always or never played
  • Actual hand counts – The number of times each hand was shown
  • Unbiased hand counts – The number of times each hand was shown adjusted for the probability of each hand being dealt.
  • Adjusted hand counts – A smoothed version of the unbiased hand counts where each hand count is averaged with adjacent hands.

Since there are 12 combinations of each unsuited hand, 6 combinations of each pair, and 4 combinations of each suited hand, the actual hand counts are biased toward unsuited hands and pairs. The unbiased hand counts adjust for this bias.

The adjusted hand counts start with the unbiased hand counts and then averages each hand with its adjacent neighbors of the same class. For example, 98s will get averaged with T9s,T8s,T7s,97s,and 87s (but not 99 or 98 because those are different classes). It does this to smooth out the counts so that there aren’t big variations in the final hand ranges.

The estimated hand ranges are computed using the adjusted hand counts.

Show Differences

The “Show differences” check box provides a visual representation of the differences between the two views.

Show differences
Hand range differences

Blue hands are played more often by the current player. Orange hands are played more often by winning players. Gray hands are played the same in both views.

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