Release Notes


Release 1.0.151 (2022/09/29)

LE-18 – Severe slowdown after loading several leaks
LE-22 – LE doesn’t load when changing DBs

Release 1.0.150 (2022/09/26)

Add logging for LE-18

Release 1.0.149 (2022/09/23)

Update leaks page after changing shared player filter

Release 1.0.148 (2022/09/23)

LE-18 – Severe slowdown after loading several leaks

Release 1.0.147 (2022/09/15)

Add option to collect anonymous usage data (default=no)
Add event log timers

Release 1.0.146 (2022/09/14)

LE-17 – Can’t reopen LE
LE-20 – Leaks: Hole Cards tab is selected by default for preflop leaks

Release 1.0.145 (2022/09/13)

LE-18 – Severe slowdown after loading several leaks
LE-17 – Can’t reopen LE
LE-19 – Hole cards tab doesn’t work for individual positions

Release 1.0.144 (2022/09/09)

LE-3 – Remove positional breakdowns where not necessary
LE-17 – Can’t reopen LE
Shutdown Leak Explorer if it loses connection to tracker
Always log requests sent to the tracker
Hide shared player stats filters in tournament mode

Release 1.0.143 (2022/09/08)

LE-3 – Remove positional breakdowns where not necessary
Show message when searching for winning players
Prevent duplicate stats in stat category views
Delay primary queries to make UI more responsive

Release 1.0.142 (2022/09/06)

LE-15 – Internal error when opening a report

Release 1.0.141 (2022/09/05)

LE-4 – Missing stats – Example CBet category

Release 1.0.140 (2022/08/31)

Fix: Winning players used in analysis don’t match leak settings selected winning players view

Release 1.0.139 (2022/08/29)

Add icons to distinguish between shared and local players

Release 1.0.138 (2022/08/25)

LE-9 – Leak size chart individual winning players don’t show aliases
LE-13 – Active player not cleared when switching to empty database

Release 1.0.137 (2022/08/24)

LE-5 – Unresponsive when selecting/deselecting players

Release 1.0.136 (2022/08/22)

LE-3 – Remove positional breakdowns where not necessary
LE-4 – Missing stats – Example CBet category

Release 1.0.134 (2022/08/11)

Add stat name search to leaks view
Improve winning player stat weighting

Release 1.0.133 (2022/08/11)

Fix: Pause queries while tracker is importing

Release 1.0.132 (2022/08/10)

Show stats with zero opportunities
Pause queries while tracker is importing
Reduce shared player stats file size
Add more shared player stats

Release 1.0.131 (2022/08/04)

Upgrade to MVS API 1.2
Reduce shared player stats file size

Release 1.0.130 (2022/08/01)

LE-2: Put app to sleep as soon as request by the tracker is received

Release 1.0.129 (2022/07/29)

LE-1: LE freezes after switching DBs

Release 1.0.128 (2022/07/27)

Fix position leaks size when not showing details

Release 1.0.127 (2022/07/26)

Send response to sleep_begin/sleep_end

Release 1.0.126 (2022/07/19)

Remove unneeded logging

Release 1.0.125 (2022/07/19)

Use previous version cache
Fix parsing of game types in all cultures

Release 1.0.124 (2022/07/15)

Improve handling of leak results

Release 1.0.123 (2022/07/11)

Fix downloading of shared player stats

Release 1.0.122 (2022/07/10)

Use current player win rate as base win rate when calculating leak size

Release 1.0.121 (2022/07/09)

Ignore empty shared player stats files

Release 1.0.120 (2022/07/09)

Fix shared player stat filters for all culture settings

Release 1.0.119 (2022/07/08)

Improved shared player stats management

Release 1.0.118 (2022/06/24)

Add $0.05/$0.10 shared player stats

Release 1.0.117 (2022/06/23)

Automatically download shared player stats
Add shared player stat filters
Improve initial loading screen
Fix replayer window theme
Do not allow shared player stats above limits set by license

Release 1.0.116 (2022/06/15)

Fix parsing of shared player stats blinds in all cultures
Fix status icons and blinds display in shared player stats
Add some $5/$10 shared player stats

Release 1.0.115 (2022/06/10)

Show only biggest preflop leak in free mode
Save window position after resize or move
Fix updating of hole card positional views

Release 1.0.114 (2022/06/09)

Share player stat player names are the same for all users
Add stat diff and win rate diff to simple version of stat datagrid
Improve leak size calculation
Update min HM3 tracker version

Release 1.0.113 (2022/06/08)

Fix shared player stats bug

Release 1.0.112 (2022/06/07)

Shared player stats filters

Release 1.0.111 (2022/06/03)

Fix parsing of tournament blinds with Ks (ex: 1.25K/2.5K Ante 250 NL Holdem)

Release 1.0.110 (2022/05/31)

Add shared player stats manager

Release 1.0.109 (2022/05/27)

Fix parsing of tournament game type descriptions
Fix hole cards update bug

Release 1.0.108 (2022/05/26)

Improve handling of database changed
Show narrower column widths in non-details stat leak datagrids

Release 1.0.107 (2022/05/25)

Set chart tooltip duration to 5 seconds

Release 1.0.106 (2022/05/25)

Show narrower column widths in non-details category datagrids
Show leak size tab when not enough hole cards are available
Implement user friendly shared player stat names
Fix bug when including shared player stats in winning players

Release 1.0.105 (2022/05/20)

Fix show/hide commands
Show all stakes in the stake filter tree

Release 1.0.104 (2022/05/16)

Fix cached player stats with zero opportunities
Fix shutdown bug

Release 1.0.103 (2022/05/11)

Save shared player stats into separate files for each game type description
Fix leak view show details option
Pause query service when app is sleeping
Don’t try to cache shared player stats
Fix mouse wheel scrolling of category datagrid
Register menu on start
Fix header tool tips

Release 1.0.102 (2022/05/06)

Add current player and winning player mean labels to leaks chart
Pause queries on sleep_begin/quit
Fix leaks update when empty database is opened
Ignore vsHero stats when searching for leaks
Show loading players message on startup
Fix show/hide details in stats datagrids

Release 1.0.101 (2022/05/03)

Add date range to shared player stats, fix bugs
Fix hole cards serialization

Release 1.0.100 (2022/04/22)

Fix cached player stats

Release 1.0.99 (2022/04/21)

Move positions from tree grid to right view, improve leak size view
Add leak size icon to positional stats
Fix leak view filtering by street
Fix loading of shared player stats
Fix cached player stats

Release 1.0.98 (2022/04/13)

Improve hole card grids diff mode display

Release 1.0.97 (2022/04/09)

Fix limited stats

Release 1.0.96 (2022/04/08)

Various small fixes

Release 1.0.95 (2022/04/08)

Fix updating of leaks when winning players are changed
Handle empty database

Release 1.0.94 (2022/04/06)

Add number of players at table filter
Add status bar tooltips

Release 1.0.92 (2022/04/01)

Improve caching of winning players
Improved UI when hero has too few hands or not winning opponents found

Release 1.0.91 (2022/03/09)

Improve caching of winning players

Release 1.0.90 (2022/02/11)

Fix culture specific parsing of doubles

Release 1.0.89 (2022/02/05)

Fix reports hole cards filters
Fix parsing of doubles in all culture settings
Add feature logging to settings
Fix hole card updating in reports

Release 1.0.88 (2022/02/05)

Fix reports hole cards filters

Release 1.0.87 (2022/02/04)

Add game type and stakes filters
Add home page allowing user to easily set game types, stakes, and winning players
Improve performance by displaying leaks as they are found
Improve performance by running future queries in background
Improve performance by caching all leak queries
Add query watcher to view status query queues
Update HM3 stat action filters to ignore “Range” stats
Fix PlayerStatsQuery serialization bug

Release 1.0.86 (2021/12/02)

Add logging to track more charts issue

Release 1.0.85 (2021/11/28)

Add show details check box to explore leaks

Release 1.0.84 (2021/11/27)

Fix reports that use current player or a specific player

Release 1.0.83 (2021/11/24)

Fix reports that use current player

Release 1.0.82 (2021/11/24)

Cache player stats to disk to improve performance

Release 1.0.81 (2021/11/23)

More charts uses config var MinimumCurrentPlayerOpportunityCount

Release 1.0.80 (2021/11/23)

Fix player stats caches

Release 1.0.79 (2021/11/23)

Improve more charts error messages
Improve logging

Release 1.0.78 (2021/11/20)

Fix exception in more charts when window size/2 exceeds sample count

Release 1.0.77 (2021/11/20)

Add logging

Release 1.0.76 (2021/11/17)

Show only largest preflop and postflop leaks in free mode
Fix typos in stat description

Release 1.0.75 (2021/11/16)

Require a minimum of 3 winning players with a positive weight before a stat qualifies as a leak
Fix sorting by Selected column in Settings->Winning Players

Release 1.0.74 (2021/11/11)

Add header tool tips
Add FAQ to help menu

Release 1.0.73 (2021/11/10)

Save rolling window size
Save selected winning player keys per database
Improve query for player aliases

Release 1.0.72 (2021/11/09)

Improve leak size to include opponents with win rate greater than hero’s win rate

Release 1.0.71 (2021/11/04)

Fix exception in category stats view

Release 1.0.70 (2021/11/04)

Ignore anonymous players

Release 1.0.69 (2021/11/03)

Separate preflop and postflop leak queries to improve performance

Release 1.0.68 (2021/11/03)

Add MaximumPlayersToLoad config var to limit the number of players loaded

Release 1.0.67 (2021/10/29)

Refresh leaks after saving settings

Release 1.0.66 (2021/10/28)

Fix Leaks->More Charts

Release 1.0.65 (2021/10/26)

Improve street filter and remember last selection

Release 1.0.64 (2021/10/26)

Add street filter to leaks
Hide duplicate leaks
Fix replay hands bug

Release 1.0.63 (2021/10/22)

Improved leak size (now includes win rate, opportunity count, and stat diff)
Add minimum leak size opportunity counts
Allow custom selection of winning players
Show all leaks instead of top ten leaks in first category
Improved category view

Release 1.0.62 (2021/10/06)

Improved hand replayer window

Release 1.0.61 (2021/10/05)

Add hand replayer window

Release 1.0.60 (2021/09/29)

Improved stat action filters

Release 1.0.59 (2021/09/22)

Use all hole cards for heroes

Release 1.0.58 (2021/09/10)

Add hero and winning players win rates
Add summary data grid to overview
Chart improvements
Add position stats
Add last X hero hands configuration setting

Release 1.0.53 (2021/07/30)

Update documentation links

Release 1.0.52 (2021/07/29)

Fix hole cards query

Release 1.0.51 (2021/07/23)

Initial release