How is the Winning Opponents’ Mean Stat Value Calculated?

The winning opponents’ mean stat value is a weighted average where some opponents contribute more than others.

The weight of each opponent is computed using the formula

Weight = WinRateDiff * Opportunities


  • WinRateDiff is the difference between the opponent’s win rate and the current player’s win rate
  • Opportunities is the number of opportunities the opponent had to act on the stat

If WinRateDiff is less than zero, the opponent’s weight is set to zero and that opponent does no contribute to the mean.

The mean stat value is computed by adding up each opponent’s weight time the stat value and dividing by to total.

In the chart below each opponent is represented by a green dot. The large green dot represents the weighted mean values.

Winning opponents

Hovering your mouse over a dot will show the opponent’s details.

Opponent details

This opponent contributes 31.1% of the total weighted mean.

Top right opponent

While the opponent in the top right contributes 29.7%. The two opponents’ weights are close because the latter has a higher win rate but lower opportunities.

Opponent with zero weight

This opponent contributes zero to the mean because his win rate is less than the current player’s win rate.

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